About me


My name is Marc Popelier and since 2002 I have been traveling to Japan various times per year.

Professionally I am the owner of Japan Business Advice a company that supports non Japanese entrepreneurs and businesses entering the Japanese market.

Feeling privileged of visiting Japan so frequently I like to share my experiences and photo collection. Hopefully my photos on this website will help you to form your own idea of the places you would like to visit first. I will also try to give you some interesting tips and links how to make your trip to Japan a great experience.  Some of you are probably already experienced “Japan travellers”. Please feel free to comment or add useful practical information.


Friends and family encouraged me to write a book showcasing my personal selection of the best “Sights and Scenes of Japan“. I am proud that since January 2017 this photo book is widely available in Belgium and the Netherlands and since April 2017 in all major bookstores worldwide.

Above all have fun with this blog and I hope you enjoy your visit to Japan.