Himeji Castle, World heritage site.

Himeji Castle ( 姫路城 ) is enlisted as Unesco World heritage and a must see for every visitor of Japan. The dramatically beautiful hill top castle in Himeji (Hyōgo Prefecture) is a vast complex that overlooks the whole area. It consists of a central wooden defence tower covered by white plaster walls and fortified by various other strongholds, massive… Read More

Yokohama, a One Day Walking Tour

Yokohama ( 横浜 ) is the second largest agglomeration in Japan, just south of Tokyo. The city is host of one of the largest and most lively China towns in the world as well as a nice colonial style Western district. The latter areas are a remainder from when after 200 years of isolation Japan opened its ports and Yokohama… Read More

Nishiki market in Kyoto

Nishiki food market (錦市場商店街) is an amazing place for everyone that likes traditional Japanese food. In a 400 meter long covered street in the city centre of Kyoto (京都) more than 100 specialty shops sell some of the best food in town as well as traditional kitchenware. The food market exists already several hundreds of years and… Read More