Tokyo Skytree offers 360° city view

In no time the Skytree tower (634 meter) has become one of the most popular attractions in Tokyo.


It is the tallest building in Japan and ranks in the top 5 tallest constructions in the world. The observation decks provide a 360° Tokyo city view and on a clear day a spectacular panorama that covers almost the entire Kanto region. Convince yourself with the pictures further down in this blog.



The Tokyo Skytree serves as television and radio broadcast tower and is located in the North east of the city centre.  It can  be accessed by train or subway and the Tokyo Skytree website provides in a clear access map. My tip is to combine your visit to the Skytree with a visit of nearby Asakusa and go there by boat on the Sumida river. From the boat terminal both locations are each only 15 minutes walking away.


Entrance and visit

It can be very crowded on weekends and holidays especially when the visibility is excellent. The good news is that for holders of an international passport an exclusive fast ticket counter has been opened.  I recommend you prepare your visit in advance with the booklet available to download on the Tokyo Skytree website.

Tickets for the 350 meter high first observation deck are sold on the 4 th floor. Bring your passport and make use of the fast ticket booth if it is crowded. Tickets for the 450 meter observation deck are sold on the first deck only.

In case of less good visibility or on a rainy day then the first deck is still a good option to consider because of the city view. However instead of going to the second deck you can spend the money saved in the huge shopping mall that is part of the Sky Tree base complex.

A 360° view of Tokyo 

The photos here below are in high resolution. Click on each of the photos to enlarge and view all the details.



1 Umaya Bridge, 2 Akihabara (Electric Town), 3 Shinjuku, 4 Mt. Takao and the Southern Alps, 5 Tokyo Dome, 6 Ikebukoro, 7 Ueno Park, 8 Sensoji Temple (Asakusa)



1 Nikko,  2 Mount Tsukuba (877 meter), 3 Arakawa river, 4 Tobu Skytree line



1 Tokyo Disney resort (Chiba), 2 Tokyo Bay, 3 Kansai Rinkai Park, 4 Metropolitan expressway



1 Ryogoku Kokugikan (Sumo Hall), 2 Edo mudeum, 3 Shinagawa, 4 Tokyo tower, 5 Roppongi Hills

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  1. ohayo gozaimasu.
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    iro ga totemo kireide composition mo omoshiroi desu.
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    1. Ikeda さん、素敵なコメントありがとうございました。Destination Japan サイトへようこそ。

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